When it comes to special events, weddings are just about as special as they get! From the menu to the venue everything needs to be perfect and reflective of the happy couple as unique. With our experience in custom crafting and engraving memorable items, we know what a difference a personal touch can make, especially when it comes to gift giving. Here are some great engraving ideas for wedding gifts.

Champagne Flutes

A beautiful pair of champagne flutes featuring the bride and groom’s names would be an instant hit. Better yet, they could toast each other with them on their anniversaries.

A jewellery box

The rustic beauty of a wooden jewellery box with the wedding date and the couple’s names can serve an everyday function while providing a reminder of their special day.

Cutting Boards

Did the soon-to-be newlyweds bond over a love of cooking? A heat-engraved cutting board might be the perfect choice!

Matching Dog Tags

Military couples especially might appreciate matching custom engraved dog tags featuring the face of their spouse, the wedding date or something else of significance.

Fountain Pens

In this digital world, the more tactile experience of writing by hand is almost innately romantic. A beautifully engraved pen set would make a very heartwarming gift.

A compass

For an even more romantic gift, a compass with the wedding date etched into it beautifully can serve as a reminder that love should always be your guide.

These were a few of our favourites but by no means is this list exhaustive. You can find heaps more engraving ideas if you keep looking around or you can reach out to us at Crystal Gems. We’d love to help you celebrate true love!