It’s never easy to say goodbye to a loved one. Even when we know the moment is coming, that knowledge hardly lessens the impact of the loss. Still, as the ones who remain to mourn those who have passed, there are ways we can make a lasting statement. Here are some of the options for honouring the lives of loved ones we miss.


Tombstone engraving comes in varying levels of complexity. More minimalist designs may simply feature the name, sunrise and sunset dates but modern engraving techniques allow for much more. An image of a favourite landscape or even your loved ones face can be laser etched onto a tombstone for a very personal effect. This can be coupled with a favourite saying or a few words of wisdom.


Loved ones who have passed on may have left their marks in many facets of our daily lives. These can be acknowledged respectfully through the use of plaques. A family home can be decorated with a beautiful plaque honouring the grandparents who sacrificed to build it. Rooms of special significance to the deceased can also feature plaques in their memory.


Small pieces of jewellery engraved with the name and or image of your loved one can provide a simple way to feel close to someone you miss. Bracelets, pendants and rings are good for this purpose but lockets in particular seem to help. They can contain a photo or any other tiny thing that reminds you of your loved one and helps you feel at peace.

Despite the seeming finality of death, having something to look at and remember your loved one can go a long way to easing the sadness and bringing closure. As painful as grief is, it occurs in stages and though we never forget the loss, over time we heal and grow.