Laser Engraving

Crystalgem uses a modern Trotec CO2/Fibre laser engraving system which can engrave, mark, and cut a wide variety of materials.

Laser engraving offers great flexibility and precision to handle complex graphics and images to enhance the look of a trophy or award.

Laser Engraving examples

The Trotec laser easily engraves clear and coloured glass and can also engrave crystal.

Glasses and even wine bottles can be engraved using our rotary tool.

There are a variety of laser engravable laminates in a wide range of colours which are used for trophy plates, shields, and signs.

Laminates can also produce quality control panels for all sorts of equipment.

Available in a wide range of colours, acrylic can be engraved and cut with amazing effects. Here clear perspex is engraved and cut for a wedding centrepiece.
Stainless Steel
Permanently marked stainless steel for those signs, labels, and plates which just have to last in all weather. The Trotec laser system uses a Flexx fibre to directly mark the raw metal.
Aluminium is available in a wide range of colours. These iPhone covers are a great example of laser engraving through the anodised colour layer, exposing the silver aluminium underneath. There is a wide range of aluminium gift ideas available such as water bottles and flasks.
Most coffee/Tea drinkers have their favourite cup or mug. The laser can make this important vessel personal, with special messages, names, or graphics.
A wide variety of medal designs are available for sporting and academic achievement. Medals can be engraved to make them personal, and ribboned in school or club colours.
As a natural material, wood gives an engraved sign or trophy a special quality. Wood ply and sheeting can be cut into a wide range of gift boxes and toys.
Precision laser cutting can cut elaborate patterns in paper for items such as place mats and napkin rings. Heavier weight papers can be engraved to make very special invitations and place cards.
There are a wide variety of pens now available for laser engraving. Celebrate a special occasion or promote your business – an engraved pen is always a classy idea.