Rotary Engraving

We use the Gravograph IS400 Volume rotary engraver. This machine has been the industry standard for engraving for nearly 20 years. The IS400 uses diamond tips, static drag and rotary tools to engrave a wide variety of materials. The IS400 can scribe more than just names and simple text. Names and messages can be engraved in a choice of fonts, and graphics such as logos can also be marked.

Rotary Engraving examples

Trophy Plates
The classic engraved trophy shield or plate to keep the look of a perpetual trophy consistent.
Tankards and goblets can be easily marked using the IS400’s rotary system. Here a pewter mug is being engraved with text and a club logo graphic.
Jewellery & Watches

Costume and genuine gold and silver jewellery can be engraved. Crystalgem does however reserve the right to refuse jewellery items where the jewellery piece cannot be held securely in the engraver, or the metal is too soft to be engraved.

Sport & Academic Medals
A wide variety of medal designs are available for sporting and academic achievement. Medals can be engraved to make them personal, and ribboned in school or club colours.


Industrial items such as vehicle and machinery data plates can be engraved in aluminium, stainless steel and brass. These plates can be created from a metal blank or we can engrave pre-formatted plates.

Hip Flasks

Stainlees Steel hip flask engrave beautifully, and offer plenty of space for custom artwork.


We are able to engrave the back of watches. Customers should always inspect the back of the watch they intend to purchase to ensure there is sufficient space for their engraving needs.

Perpetual Trophies

We update perpetual trophies. When a perpetual eventually fills up, we offer ways to extend the life of the trophy by fitting additional base space, or creating a whole new trophy.

Special Occasions

Gifts for special occasions such as christenings, anniversaries, engagements and wedding can be made extra special by adding a name or custom artwork.